Big Slicks Deli is not your typical Deli, we are a family ran business and love to serve other families.

Hello From our Chef

AKA Daddy Slick

Hello there, my name is Gino and I want to introduce my self. Here at Big Slicks Deli we try nothing but to serve you the best quality products and superior customer service. I cook with home cooked recipes and truly cater each dish as if it were my own. Everything is made in-house and cooked to perfection. I have been in the business since I was 12 years old and really love serving our community down here. If you do not see something you like, please do not be afraid to ask im sure I can make it for you!

Hello from Momma Slick

Hello Momma Slick here, I love what I do and I love our community. Been in the business over 10 years now and truly love providing superior customer service. If your ever by dont be afraid to ask for me and or say hello!

Grandma Slick

A true captain here guys!!! Shes not here writing this but I her son am. She is what made this all possible and she truly loves what we have and all our endeavors with the community. She is was here at the start but now can be found at home taking care of Baby Slick. Although she may not be at the restaurant, she is there in spirit with Baby Slick at home. We love you mom!!!

Grandpa Slick

This is a trooper here, dad made it all possible for us to get off the ground, from renovating, picking up food, delivery, and even working the grill when he was able to. Big Slicks would not be a possibility without this one right here. We love you dad!!! Hes not officially retired from two out of his three jobs, his third job is hes the co-pilot at home taking care of Baby Slick with Grandma Slick.